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Q:  What kind of sealer is used?

A:  Federal specification RP-355e Commercial Grade Coal Tar Emulsion sealer.  This is a mixture of 30% water, 3 lbs./gal silica sand, 4% latex additive and Coal Tar sealer base.

Q.  What type of crackfiller is used?

A.  We normally use Sealmaster hot rubberized crackfiller, which is applied hot and can be driven on as soon as it cools.  In some applications, we will use Sealmaster Flexmaster Cold Pour Crackfiller or Sealmaster trowel grade crackfiller if we feel these products will perform better under specific circumstances.

Q.  What are the different types of patches that can be done?

A.  There are three different types of patches:  trowel grade, cold patch, and hot patch asphalt. Trowel grade and cold patches are the least expensive but are not as durable as the more costly hot patch. 

Q.  What time does the crew come to do the work?

A.  The crew will show up to your house not sooner than 9 a.m. because we realize that people are getting ready for school and work.  We DO NOT assign specific time slots, but you many request an approximate time period. 

Q.  Do I need to be home at the time of the work?

A.  No.  You do not need to be present for any of the work to be completed.

Q.  How long should I keep cars off my driveway after crackfilling and sealcoating?

A.  48 hours

Q.  What happens if it rains?

A.  We will not seal your driveway if it is raining.  Someone will notify you of any rain delays and will call you to reschedule.  We try our best to get all delayed work done ASAP.

Q.  How should I pay for the work?

A.  An invoice will be left at the house the day the work is completed and you have several options for payment.  You may pay the crew by cash or check or mail the check in a provided envelope.


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